Inspiring Attic and Loft Conversions Bristol

Mogford Prescott Ltd is proud to offer skilled loft and attic conversion services Bristol. Our loft conversion team knows of an old saying: “Why move, when you could improve?” It’s an adage we passionately believe in, as we’ve been carrying out conversion services for generations.

Attic Conversions

Are you struggling to find the room you need in your family home? Our message is simple: look in the loft! The space you need to thrive without relocating could already be right above your head. For a Quote on your attic conversion, get in touch.

Upgrade Your Property

Why move home, or even extend your property – wasting precious garden or recreational space – when you could effortlessly convert your home’s upper level into an attractive, spacious new area? With the advice and guidance offered by our seasoned conversion team, you’ll be free to enjoy a delightful new loft extension or conversion at an affordable rate. Our specialists utilise their expertise, an unlimited supply of high-quality products, and professional plans to make your loft conversion dream a reality.

Getting it Right

Mogford Prescott Ltd’s well-established relationship with local authority and building and planning regulation authorities means we’re guaranteed to provide a compliant conversion design first-time. Friendly and professional, our loft conversion team does exactly what they say they will.

The Process

When considering a loft conversion, several steps must be considered. Below, you’ll find the basic process we use to help you get started.

Professional Consultation

First, Mogford Prescott Ltd will meet you at your property to advise you regarding the kind of loft conversion that is best-suited to your loft. This will include assessing the feasibility of carrying out the conversion.

Site Survey

Next, we’ll study local authority legislation and organise an appointment with a local architect to conduct a site survey of your home. The architect will draw up plans before submitting them to the council for planning permission. After your prepared drawings are approved, it’s time to get the ball rolling.

Providing Our Quote

Based on those approved plans, the team at Mogford Prescott Ltd will provide you with the most competitively priced quote available. Our exemplary customer service will ensure you understand the specifics of the project, and what is to be included, such as carpentry. Should you wish to view any of our recent loft conversion projects, we will work to plan a visit to a former customer.

Completion and Certification

During the construction of your loft conversion, a council building inspector will review our work to guarantee it is being performed in agreement with the building regulations. When your loft conversion is complete, you’ll receive a completion certificate from the council building inspectors. This confirms that all work has been conducted accurately and to a safe standard. Should you decide, in the future, to sell your property, this certificate will be required.

Getting Started

Upon your acceptance of our quoted price, we will arrange a date to commence the work on the project. Once a start date is accepted, scaffolding will be erected around your home in accordance with health and safety regulations. The main   timbers will be transported, ready to be fitted on-site.

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