Flat Roofing  Bristol

For dependable flat roofing Bristol, turn to the experienced team at Mogford Prescott Ltd. We’re widely knowledgeable about topics ranging from flat roof installation to flat roof drainage. That means we should be your first choice for dependable flat roofing services.

A Long-Lasting Flat Roof  in Bristol

Flat roofs have a lengthy lifespan if constructed correctly and well-maintained. If your flat roof isn’t looked after in the proper fashion, it can swiftly fall into dilapidation. Water leaks can suddenly spread, sometimes undetected. Identifying a roofer who can fix that problem is important.

Flat Roof Installations

At Mogford Prescott Ltd, we have the specialism needed to guarantee your newly built flat roof is of the highest possible standard. If you require repair or general maintenance, our professional flat roofers offer the excellent craftsmanship needed.

Extension Roofing

If you want to construct an office within your home, or are planning an extension with a flat roof, we’re available to help. We’ll provide you with a pleasant, roomy area for you to work in, backed by countless years of experience in assisting Bristol and other local areas.

Flat Roof Replacements

Mogford Prescott Ltd is a genuine, family-run business. We’re the Bristol flat roofing professionals who care about our customers. In fact, we’ve been established for more than 160 years. Our experience has shown us that environmental conditions, such as snow, ice, hail, storms, and moss, can cause damage to flat roofs over long periods. We have also seen instances of window cleaners failing to use a board to stand their ladder on. This affects weight distribution, resulting in damage caused to flat roofs – and a sizeable dent in the homeowner’s wallet.

Common Flat Roof Problems

It may sound odd, but sometimes flat roofs are too flat. A slight incline is required for water to effectively drain away. Lots of old flat roofs have mineral chippings, which protect the roof felt from expanding and contracting in the sun’s heat, but can be blown into guttering where they block drainpipes.

Flat Roof Maintenance Inspections

As one of Bristol’s leading flat roof specialists, we recommend you have frequent roof maintenance checks. These maintenance inspections will highlight and circumvent potential leaks that could otherwise lead to rotting timber and expensive wood repair and replacement services. We also provide these services for tiled roofs.

Our Flat Roof Constructions

Mogford Prescott Ltd uses a high-performance felt material that is very tough to tear or puncture. It has a sort of stone chipping implanted into the material, improving noise reduction and protecting the roof from damage.

Seasoned Advice

To avoid flat roof leaks, it’s advised to:

  • Have a Protective Coating That Prevents Rain from Leaking Through
  • Have a Good Drainage System
  • Make Sure There is Adequate Roof Fall – Enabling Water to Drain Off Efficiently

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