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For accredited electrical testing services Bristol, including PAT testing, speak with the capable team at Mogford Prescott Ltd. We’ll deliver the services you require in a promptly, professionally, and affordably.

“Why Do I Need Electrical Testing?”

Increasingly, we receive calls from customers who wonder why their property requires electrical testing. The fact remains that routine electrical testing is of immense importance for any property.

Letting agencies and landlords who let part-furnished or furnished properties are required, by law, to ensure electrical safety testing is carried out on all electrical appliances. If you house tenants in Bristol, Avon, or the surrounding areas, the law compels you to undertake fixed wire or PAT testing to guarantee your property falls within government standards.

Fixed Wire Testing

To ensure the electrical safety of commercial or rented properties, fixed wires should be tested systematically. This allows our engineers to monitor the degeneration of wires, or the development of faults. Our technicians recognise the indications of wear and tear before they begin to cause problems. When we find a potential issue, we’ll suggest a practical, affordable course of action.

Swift, Simple PAT Testing

We’re equipped to review all portable appliances for electrical safety. This includes ovens, microwaves, toasters, kettles, and white goods such as washing machines, dryers, fridges, and freezers. Televisions and lamps are also inspected. Letting agencies and landlords in Bristol are encouraged to take advantage of our affordable PAT testing services.

Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Guarantee the electrical safety of your property’s wiring and electrics with an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

EICR: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When Should I Arrange an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)?

A: Previously known as the Period Inspection Report (PIR), the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) must be conveyed every 10 years in domestic properties. Factors that justify a new ECIR include a shift in ownership, or a desire to be reassured about a property’s electrical safety. If you are buying a house, have just moved in, or are contemplating selling a property, an EICR is suggested to ensure the electrical installation is safe and reliable. A rented property will require certification every five years, or during each exchange of occupancy.

Q: Why Should I Book an EICR?

A: All electrical installations degrade over time. The insulation on cables deteriorates and mechanical fastenings such as terminal screws (which hold cables in place inside sockets and switches) slacken. If a property is new to you, you may be unaware of previous DIY work conducted using inadequate or haphazard methods. Even if you have lived in the property for a long time, circumstances such as the weather and pests may impede the status of your electrical installation.

Q: What Will the EICR Report Display

A: An EICR will demonstrate the lack of bonding or earthing, possible fire hazards, and electric shock risks. Faulty electrical work will be acknowledged as well as overloaded circuits. An EICR will highlight any like dangers, along with outdated installation methods.

Q: What is the Result of an EICR?

A: Think of the EICR as an MOT service for your property’s electrics. It shows the status of your electrical installation and will advise you when you must update any part of it. If everything is in safe working order, you’ll receive a certificate to confirm you are managing the health of the property. This may offer personal peace of mind, and will give potential buyers confidence in the property. Nonetheless, the EICR does not guarantee the condition of the electrics in the future, as problems may arise at any time.

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