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Mogford Prescott Ltd combines high-quality materials with skilled craftsmanship to offer unbeatable soffits and fascias Bristol. When you choose our assistance, you’ll enjoy an expert installation. We’re confident we can conquer the competition on cost. The soffits and fascias we provide are sturdy, durable, and attractive, while our roofline products will preserve your home for years to come. With just a quick cloth wipe, they’ll remain clean and fresh in appearance.

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As part of our free, no-obligation consultation and quotation, we’ll discuss style options and design choices. You’ll also have the opportunity to browse our extensive installation portfolio for inspiration and reassurance.


Fascias are a long, slim board that cover the end of timbers on a property exterior. They are used to attach the rain guttering. Below the fascia sits the soffit, sometimes referred to as the eaves. The fascia is a perimeter for a low-slow roof system.


The soffit forms a canopy from the top of an exterior house wall to the outer frame of the roof. Soffits meet the gap between the wall and the fascia to form a ceiling or box effect.

Weather Damage

Weather affects the soffit more than any other section of a house. That’s because it’s possible for water to penetrate the soffit when flashing is damaged, or cast iron flashing is rusty. Ice dams, poorly functioning gutter, and broken tiles also have an impact.

Ventilate Your Loft

It’s easy for lofts to become unventilated and, consequently, overheated. When soffit vents or ridge vents are fitted, hot air is exhausted from the loft. Cold air then enters the loft through soffit vents. The loft will be much drier as a result. The ventilation ensures that condensation doesn’t develop inside the roof. Other services are available for lofts, including electrical work.

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