Enjoy a New Boiler Bristol

There are so many reasons to take advantage of our new boiler installations Bristol. The biggest benefit is the large sum of money you could be saving, especially with an energy efficient combi boiler.

When your boiler is more than 10 years old, it’s probably not as efficient as modern boiler systems. The expense of running a boiler accounts for around 60% of your energy bills. Imagine how much you could save – up to 35% - on your current heating charges!

Installing a new boiler is a great way to do your bit to protect the environment. A newer, more energy efficient boiler will significantly reduce your home’s carbon emission.

Combination (Combi) Boilers

Combi boilers immediately generate hot water without the necessity for hot water cylinders or roof tanks. This allows them to be easily fitted in confined spaces like cabinets. Combination boilers are most efficient in heating systems with little hot water demands. For example, properties with only one bathroom.

Conventional Boilers

A conventional boiler system needs two water tanks: one tank for cold water storage (ordinarily in the loft), and another tank for feed and expansion. The system will also possess a hot water cylinder. Conventional boilers are most useful on heating systems with high levels of hot water demand, for example, a property with two or more bathrooms.

Boiler Repairs

There is never an opportune moment for your boiler to stop working. At Mogford Prescott Ltd, we understand that going without hot water or heating can be a very distressing time. As one of the longest-standing independent heating specialists in the South West of England, we are well-placed to help you with all your boiler repair requirements. Simply give us a call to explain what has happened, and one of our trained team members will guide you as to what will happen next. If necessary, we will strive to visit your property and resolve the difficulty as soon as possible. We will notify you of what the call-out fee will be before we send our engineer to you, so you are completely informed of the initial price.

Why Choose Mogford Prescott Ltd?

We are Bristol’s foremost independent heating specialists, entrusted by customers to keep them warm and safe all-year-round. Experienced and helpful, our team appreciates and reacts to customers to provide valuable, stress-free solutions. We provide trusted guidance on modern, energy-saving products. In addition, we set safety and service standards against which other companies strive to compete. Using the latest technology, we provide exceptional interaction with clients and a fast, effective, efficient service with excellent response times.

Expert Engineers

For more than 160 years, our Gas Safe registered engineers have provided gas and heating services. We’re never far away from our customers, so you’re sure to receive the assistance you need with minimal delay when you get in touch.

Ongoing Boiler Maintenance

When you have a new boiler fitted by Mogford Prescott Ltd’s heating team, you’ll receive ongoing heating maintenance. Our own clients receive our best rates, so you’re sure to enjoy cost-effective services going forward.

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